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Engine Bay Cleaning in San Diego CA

Remove dust, dirt and debris for a Like-New appearance


Have you recently popped your hood open and all of a sudden noticed how bad and dusty it looked?

With our engine detail you will truly feel like you've gotten your entire car properly washed and detailed. Once you drive off you will feel as if your car was brought back to life again.

No more nasty or burned oil smells, those are long gone. 

1.Visibly pleasing engine bay (especially for sale prep)

2.Protection and shine on all black trim and surfaces for high shine

3.Remove any nasty oil smells

Here's what you get:

  • Leaf and any accumulated dirt is removed

  • Degrease any grease and grime inside engine bay and compartment

  • Use brushes and tools that reach in hard to get to areas

  • Steam clean & decontaminate

  • Add protection and shine on black trim surfaces

  • Air blow dry between hard to reach spaces


Starts $50>

Step 1: Cover alternator, any loose wiring

Step 2: Remove all junk from windshield wiper area

Step 3: Spray Water into Engine Bay

Step 4: Lightly spray degreaser or all purpose cleaner

Step 5: Agitate and brush to loosen any dirt

Step 6: Rinse down engine bay

Step 7: Dry with Microfiber Towels

Step 8: Apply Dressing for high shine and overall better look

Step 9: Take a picture and share on your page!

Our Engine Bay Detail process

What we do

We are a mobile based business offering detailing services in San Diego, CA and surrounding cities.

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