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Wash and Wax in San Diego CA

Safely hand washing method for your car swirl free


Benefits of The Wash & Sealant Protection


  1. Protect your cars paintwork by adding a thicker layer of protection to prevent any long term damages

  2. Effortless fight against getting any water spots or any grit from being embedded into yours cars paint

  3. Smooth as glass finish and High water resistance and beading

Here's what you get:

  1. ​Paintwork, emblems, glass, and plastic are all properly cleaned to perfection 

  2. Remove embedded grit on your cars paint (Clay bar)

  3. Hand/ Air blown dry

  4. Tires & Wheels cleaned and dressed for shine

  5. Door jambs, trunk lid, gas cap will all be cleaned

  6.  Paint Sealant is applied, lasting up to 10 months

  7.  Black textured plastics are treated with a restoring protectant

  8. Sealant will be applied to all exterior panels and glass for protection up to 6 months




Sedans $80

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Mini Suvs/Trucks

Large Suvs/Trucks                   $115


This is how we're going to safely and properly add protection to your car

  1. Start with completely cleaning your Wheels, tires and all fender with a variety of brushes.

  2. Then we'll hand wash all exterior panels & clean emblems with brushes to get in hard to reach areas

  3. Fully clean door jambs, gas cap and remove all bugs on front end

  4. Decontaminate your cars paint and clay mitt for a smooth finish for a better bond between the paint on your car and the sealant

  5. Hand or lightly machine apply our choice of sealant

  6. Add a polymer sealant (2 layers) for a 10 month protection

  7. Add Tire shine to wheels (dry to touch - no slings)

  8. Clean Exterior Glass for crystal Clear Vision

What we do

We are a mobile based business offering detailing services in San Diego, CA and surrounding cities.

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